Helping Dogs Is Human

The Mission of Humanity for Dogs

Humanity For Dogs is a canine kindness organization that is developing a dog rescue/sanctuary near Asheville to focus primarily on adoption-challenged dogs of all breeds & ages, and to provide the following: 1. Rescue, and foster dogs from kill animal shelters, 2. Provide lifetime sanctuary to dogs either medically or behaviorally unadoptable, 3. Maintain a ZERO kill approach to dog rescue with the exception of untreatable medical suffering, and 4. Provide ongoing medical care, foster homes, and re-home dogs displaced by natural disasters. Humanity For Dogs is currently applying for non-profit status in North Carolina and subsequently for 501c(3) tax-exempt status. We guarantee that 100% of donations flow directly to canine kindness & support operations.

Why "Humanity" for Dogs?

Humanity For Dogs is so-named as we go beyond what is considered a "humane" approach to dogs - we treat them as if they were human beings. In our life experience, dogs are sentient beings endowed with intelligence, self-awareness, and some form of consciousness. We believe that dogs have a soul. And therefore, they are deserving of medical care as a human right, and to be treated with the dignity & respect deserved by these noble creatures who contain all of the virtues of humanity without any of the vices. We want you to know who we are and that we will provide life, love & care to any canine angel that we are honored to caretake. Our slogan & motto is "Guard The Love".

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Help Us Build Our Rescue Facility/Sanctuary

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The Mission of Humanity for Dogs

Humanity For Dogs is negotiating to purchase a property near Asheville that has a pre-existing rescue kennel (non-profit status) plus a profitable & well-established pet boarding facility. This property is perfectly located in eastern Haywood county and the strategy is to incorporate the boarding facility into our non-profit and direct the revenues entirely to supporting our dog rescue. Our founding building drive is for a total of $125,000.

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Canine Kindness

We believe that loving dogs is human! And we have so many ways for you to show your kindness by supporting Humanity For Dog's mission. We invite you to work with our dogs - love them, walk them, play fetch, the works! With a short screening, you can join our Dog Hero brigade! Or perhaps you would like to volunteer to help us on the organization level - manage social media, legal or accounting services, fundraising, etc.? And of course we graciously accept monetary donations and patron grants for our building/sanctuary drive.


Love On Humanity's Dogs

Is loving on dogs one of your greatest skills? Then we will have a mission for you - just be a Humanity Love Hero - come, meet, love, pet, groom, take them hiking, sing to them, adore and heal our canine angels!


Come Be A Volunteer Hero

Humanity will need volunteers with skill sets from social media, kennel support, adoption specialists, event coordination, crowdfunding, legal and/or accounting, kind us your skills and help us build!


Donation Programs

Support our canine kindness operation - help us now to secure a facility to house our rescue dogs & to run a boarding kennel operation that supports the rescue efforts. Subscribe and include Humanity in your monthly giving!


Humanity For Dog Causes

Be Kind To Canine Angels Today

Humanity For Dogs is a non-profit, canine kindness organization that is seeking to acquire a canine rescue & high-risk sanctuary in the Asheville area that will be staffed primarily with volunteer workers in 2020. We are seeking to acquire a property that has an established canine rescue facility already built as well as a commercial boarding facility whose profits will be going 100% to canine rescue and kindness operations. Help us acquire this facility so we can start rescuing dogs today!

Build Now
Help Humanity Acquire A Canine Rescue & Sanctuary Facility

Our founding building drive is to collect the down payment on a facility near Asheville that has an rescue facility and boarding kennel.

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Help to Build Their Sanctuary...

Love Now
Buy Food, Beds and Supplies for Our Canine Kindness & Rescue Operations

Help us love these dogs as we would our own - with high-quality diet enhanced by raw meat ingredients, the proper medical care, and kennel beds.

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Help Us Love Them...

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    Chayton, Founder

    Humanity For Dogs

    I pledge with every ounce of strength in my body & soul to advocate for and manage the care of every dog at our facility - we never give up on our dogs!

    Guard the Love because Every Dog Matters!

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